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  1. Cleaning your floors with a warm water and vinegar solution will prevent soap residue from sticking to your floors and will leave them extra shiny.  Vinegar is safe to use on vinyl, tile, linoleum, and most other floor types.

  2. When starting housekeeping and giving your home a dusting, make sure to always clean top-down.  Doing so will prevent dust from continuing to circulate, and will save you time by having to vacuum only once.

  3. An easy and quick way to freshen pillows is to put them in the dryer for 10-15 minutes with a dryer sheet.

  4. If bending down to pick up the pile of dusty garbage you just swept is causing you back pain, invest in a dustpan with a long stand-up handle.  Simply sweep and toss the garbage.

  5. Sweeping your entranceway regularly will help prevent large amounts of dirt from being tracked into your home from the outdoors.

  6. To remove gum from clothing, first, freeze the gum by applying an ice cube to the spot until the gum hardens, and then scrape off excess gum.  Next, sponge the spot with a dry cleaning solvent.  Pretreat the spot with a prewash stain remover, and run the garment through the laundry cycle.

  7. For tomato suace stain removal from fabric, working from the back of the stain, flush with cold water.  Next, pretreat the stain with a liquid laundry detergent, tamp the stain, and let stand for five minutes.  Rinse the spot well, sponge with vinegar, rinse again, and repeat these steps until most of the stain is removed.  Next, pretreat with a prewash stain remover and launder the piece. 

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